This is a 2013 preview trailer for the film ‘King of the Beats – Looking For The Perfect Beat’, Produced by Tibba Media a film by Pritt Kalsi, Jazzy Jay and JFK Aman.

Based on the concept and Idea created by Pritt Kalsi, King of the Beats Looking at the Perfect Beat is film that shares stories and experiences from some of the pioneers of sample culture. Whilst taking on the challenge of the King of the Beats. The film gives a insight into lives and minds of some the most significant producers who contributed to the Golden Era and Beyond.

Unlike most films this is film without a hired film crew, or media group behind, this coming together of the artists and its director Pritt Kalsi working towards a visual record and insight into their passion for music.

A film that looks at how these young men rather get their hands dirty in the street chose to get their hands dirty in the crates. Creating a sound a music that changed people’s lives.


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